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Norse Mythology Viking Crossbody Bag Sports Tree Of Life

$2750 USD

Experience epic adventure with Norse Mythology Viking Crossbody bag! This stylish shoulder bag features the Tree of Life surrounded by Viking designs. Perfect for the bold explorer, its lightweight material maximizes comfort, and its classic design looks great no matter where you go. Live boldly with Norse Mythology!

Product information:
Applicable scenario: leisure travel
Color: Odins LaCorne, Tree of Life, Rudder of awe, Hammer quake, Gungnir Spear Odin,Valknut symbol, Compass decoration, Viking Ragna, Triquetra Brown,Triquetra Alphabet,Triquetra Futhark, celtic lucky charm, Yggdrasil rune, tree Yggdrasil,Mjolnir rune, elder Futhark, life Yggdrasil, tree rune of life, elder Futhark-1, elder Rune Futhark,Futhark-2, all fathers of aoding
Material: pu
Size: 39x19x9CM
Style: sex-free style

Packing list:
Crossbody bag x1


Product Image: